Olive Oil + Vinegar Homemade Wood Cleaner

This homemade wood cleaner was my first successful attempt at a DIY cleaning product. A little over two years ago, while my husband and I were trying to avoid the store like plague to pay off some major debt, I stumbled upon this quick and frugal solution out of sheer necessity. First, learning how to make things from […]

5 Reasons We Cut Cable For The Second Time  (When We Could Afford It!)

I broke up with cable for the first time two and a half years ago. My husband and I made the counter-cultural decision to cut every bill possible to pay off $81,400 in consumer debt. But we told forex trading in india ourselves that once we paid off our debt, we would sign up for cable again. Fast forward […]

A MUST READ For Moms Buying Used This School Year

  For the past few years, I’ve been the mom buying second-hand items during back-to-school shopping. While we fought our way out of $81,400 in consumer debt, I chose to forgo the traditional August spending spree. As I wrote the article What To Buy Now To Save Hundreds This School Year, I had an epiphany […]

What To Buy NOW To Save Hundreds This Upcoming School Year

Okay, I know the last (literally, the last) thing you want to think about right now is the upcoming school year. But for us in Florida, we have less than 25 days until school starts again. And as much as I want to wait until the last minute to buy things, I know that making […]

5 Must-dos The Month BEFORE You’re Debt Free

“I’M DEBT FREE!” My husband and I did our informal, Dave Ramsey-inspired, debt-free scream from the comfort of our rental home this January when we finished paying off $81,400 worth of consumer debt.   Six months later, I’ve been thinking about what advice I would give people right on the cusp of debt-free-ness. You’re going […]

1 Powerful Strategy That Pushed My Pageviews From 2,000 To 27,000 During My Second Full Month Of Blogging

While JaneSaves.com is about ways to save money in all areas of your life, I’m also going to post about making money as well. Becuase I’m a firm believer that in order to hit financial goals fast, you must use your talents to make extra income. My husband and I made money by buying and […]

What Vegetable Should I Grow First To Save Money On Groceries?

Two years ago, I asked myself this same exact question. I was a few months into paying off a massive amount of debt, but I still wanted to be able to eat well. Gardening sounded like the best option, but I had no idea where to start. I knew nothing and I was drowning in […]

How To Bake Eggplant (A Frugal Kitchen Staple!)

Throughout the year, I see eggplant on sale at Aldi for .59 to .99 cents. That’s a killer deal considering one eggplant can substitute for a pound of meat in a main dish. My family, including my meat-loving husband, loves the taste of eggplant when I cook it up right. But, if you’ve never bought […]

Starbucks Is NOT The Reason You’re Still In $50,000 Of Debt

Fancy coffee gets a bad wrap from financial gurus. Starbucks always makes the list of “things you must cut right now to pay off massive amounts of debt.” But I want to share a counterargument to that popular opinion. So stick with me as I explain why Starbucks is NOT the reason you’re $50,000 in […]

5 Amazing Benefits To Downsizing BY HALF

For years, my husband and I daydreamed about moving into a bigger home. We talked about an extra guest room to host friends and family. My husband talked about a bigger yard. We pictured space for our family to grow into. Our family planned for a living room, a dining room, a playroom and an […]