The One Financial Cut That Changed Everything

cut cable to pay off debt

If we never cut cable to pay off debt, we would not have paid off $81,400 in 2 years. And this is the honest truth.

My husband and I agreed that we needed to cut down our monthly bills to free up extra cash if we wanted to pay off debt quickly. One big ticket item that we tip-toed around cutting was cable. Neither one of us had gone a day in our entire lives without access to premium TV. Not even in our college dorm rooms.

We knew we had to do something different. We told ourselves that we would cut cable to pay off debt – only for a few months. But to our surprise, it was the one cut that changed everything.

After we cut cable to pay off debt and survived, we found that we enjoyed finding ways to save and we were often better off for going against the grain. Soon after cutting cable, we sold a car, started a garden, bought and sold a fixer upper and made many other smaller cuts that produced in BIG RESULTS.

Do you want to pay off debt? What is the one cut that you think is too bold or drastic to make?

Is cable your one thing? If so, here are some of the reasons that stopped us from cutting cable sooner and our solutions that are working so well –  we’ll never go back to cable again!

What about the news? How will I find out what’s going on in the world?

First, our biggest concern was access to live news. And I work with media outlets for my job at the time so live news was a must! Getting live TV is not as simple as plugging a TV into the wall anymore. My husband researched the best antenna options to not only get broadcast TV, but to get high-def, cable-quality broadcast stations. We bought this antenna and never looked back. The antenna is installed in our attic and works great – rain or shine!

What about kid shows?

Our whole DVR was full of kid shows on queue during our cable days. The fear of giving up Dora on demand was real, but quickly eliminated when we transitioned our kids over to Netflix for kids. In fact, we love it more. Netflix has dozens of kids shows – many of which are educational – and NO COMMERCIALS. Now my kids don’t ask for Ninja turtles gummies or 45 million-piece Lego sets every commercial break. Score!

What about live sports?  (No ESPN?!)

Finally, we only care about one sports season in our house – college football! First, we did not know if we would even get the games. Second, we were worried that cutting cable would mean an awful picture. (Nothing’s better than a high-def football game!)

Channels for sports games aren’t announced until right before the game. We found creative solutions when we heard that the game was not on a broadcast station. Here are my best suggestions for sporting games –

  • Games are more fun to watch with friends anyway! Get a group of fans together and work out a viewing rotation that involves big games (that are sure to be aired) at your house.
  • Find out alternative ways to stream games online.
  • Schedule your meals out at sports bars/restaurants that will air your game.  (This can really add up, but if you budget yourself a meal out anyway, this could work.)

The second problem was solved since our antenna gives us a better picture than traditional cable.

(These are not my teams, but it was the only game on at the time! See how clear the picture is?!)

Are You Ready To Cut The Cable Cord?

Sometimes it is the small cuts that empower you to make the big cuts – like selling a house! I am so glad we made the smart decision to cut cable to pay off debt. Do you still have cable? If not, do any of you have other tips for living without cable?



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  1. That’s a great idea Jane. We finally need to to cut that cord and get the kids away from the TV! It would be good to get them outside and involved in sports rather then just sitting in front of the screen all day. They will get used to living without cable I’m sure : )

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