Easy Sausage Rolls

Easy sausage rolls

Happy Friday! Are you going to any brunches this weekend? If so, these easy sausage rolls are a fabulously frugal and easy dish to add a little savory to a traditional breakfast spread of sweet muffins, donuts, and danishes.

I discovered these yummy sausage rolls (or pinwheels as called on some sites) when I was invited to a breakfast potluck. I RSVP’d late and by the time I saw the sign-up list all of my go-to breakfast items – fruit, donuts, egg casserole and muffins – were spoken for. (See sometimes it pays to procrastinate. It forced me to think outside the box!)

After a breakfast recipe search, I came across a post for sausage pinwheels. So simple! So delicious! So cute! (Can meat be cute?)

Best of all, my kids and husband loved the sausage rolls and so did the guests. I even brought home the double-batch casserole dish from the party empty!

This is the recipe I followed.

How To Make Sausage Rolls

Here are the specific ingredients I used:

  • 16 oz. mild breakfast sausage
  • 1 package of Pillsbury Grands! crescent rolls
  • Syrup for dipping (optional)

Easy sausage rolls

First, I rolled out the crescent roll on aluminum foil and pressed the crescent edges together.

Easy sausage rolls

Second, I spread out the sausage across the crescent roll. Think raw meat pizza.

Easy sausage rolls

Next, I created a pinwheel by rolling up the meat-topped crescent roll.

Easy sausage rolls

One of the most important steps that you should NOT skip is to wrap the roll in aluminum foil and refrigerate overnight to firm it up before cutting. (I made a double batch, hence the double rolls!) If you miss this step the rolls would be very hard to cut in nice circular pinwheels.

Easy sausage rolls

In the morning, take out the roll  and slice into 1/2 inch rolls. Here is a picture of the rolls before I slipped them into the oven.

Easy sausage rolls

Bake at 375 for 15 minutes or until golden brown. These sausage rolls are delicious with syrup (either in the form of a dipping pile or drizzled on top).

I love easy make-ahead dishes to share and these sausage rolls make the list. Have you ever made sausage pinwheels or a similar breakfast recipe?

Easy sausage rolls

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  1. That indeed looks delicious and easy to make! I’m going to a pool party today where we will have free pizza. But this is definitely a great idea for a potluck!

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