What Vegetable Should I Grow First To Save Money On Groceries?

Two years ago, I asked myself this same exact question. I was a few months into paying off a massive amount of debt, but I still wanted to be able to eat well. Gardening sounded like the best option, but I had no idea where to start. I knew nothing and I was drowning in […]

How To Bake Eggplant (A Frugal Kitchen Staple!)

Throughout the year, I see eggplant on sale at Aldi for .59 to .99 cents. That’s a killer deal considering one eggplant can substitute for a pound of meat in a main dish. My family, including my meat-loving husband, loves the taste of eggplant when I cook it up right. But, if you’ve never bought […]

Slow Cooker Tips That I Learned The Hard Way (+ 10 Recipes!)

I know pressure cookers are so hot right now, but I want to revisit an oldie, but goodie today – the slow cooker. In fact, if you get my weekly emails, you already know that I’m kicking myself for eating out three times this week. I could have saved myself so much money if I […]

Are You Making The #1 Meal Planning Mistake?

There are thousands (maybe millions) of articles published about meal planning. And for obvious reasons! It is the most important technique to cut back on your grocery bill. If you have a plan, you will spend less money on food. Period. The end. It’s just that simple. I will go as far to say that […]

Simple Breakfast Pie

Quiche is one of my favorite frugal dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Quiche may sound fancy, but don’t be fooled. It’s the perfect meal to use up extra vegetables, leftover deli meat or that extra slice of cheese. Plus quiche is delicious. But in my family, we like to pour a little syrup over it […]

3 Reasons I Don’t Coupon (& How I Saved To Pay Off $81,400 In Debt)

I love to save money. There are very few money-saving tricks that I have not tried or would not be willing to try. In fact, I’ve saved so much money over the past 2 years that I was able to pay off $81,400 of debt. But couponing is one thing that I tried and quit. Let […]

The Ultimate Aldi Survival Guide For Beginners

Our family spends half of the money we used to on groceries. I don’t coupon. My family doesn’t price match. I definitely don’t go to multiple stores to get weekly deals. On top of that, we eat pretty healthy – fruits, vegetables, nuts and protein. So, what’s my not-so-secret secret?   Aldi! (And it’s not-so-secret […]

The Secret To Perfect Tacos…Every Time!

Does your family love tacos as much as we do? If so, I have finally found the PERFECT way to make tacos for a crowd. They are delicious, they are easy and they are oh-so-frugal. And they are baked! The secret to perfect tacos is to bake them! Keep reading to find out what I’m […]

5 Tricks To Pack A Lunch In Less Than 1 Minute

Do you dread packing a school lunch in the middle of the morning rush as much as I do? I have 5 awesome tricks to create a speedy and simple fail-proof lunch-packing routine. This will be my 5th year packing lunches and I finally have a system that works well for me and the kids. Hooray! And […]

10 Things To FREEZE To Save Money On Groceries

Do you want to know my secret weapon in fighting the good fight against food waste? My freezer. With the exception of iceberg lettuce, you can freeze almost anything. It’s life – and budget – changing to know that you don’t have to use up every smidgen of produce, dairy, bread and meat within the […]