How To Bake Eggplant (A Frugal Kitchen Staple!)

Throughout the year, I see eggplant on sale at Aldi for .59 to .99 cents. That’s a killer deal considering one eggplant can substitute for a pound of meat in a main dish. My family, including my meat-loving husband, loves the taste of eggplant when I cook it up right. But, if you’ve never bought […]

Do You REALLY Know The Best Way To Make Shredded Chicken? (Plus The Recipe!)

Here’s my problem. I really dislike picking chicken off the bone. But I love the flavor of using rotisserie chicken in recipes that call for shredded chicken. The good news is that Pinterest has dozens (maybe even hundreds? or thousands?) of recipes about how to make “the best and easiest shredded chicken ever.” You can bake, pan fry, boil or slow cook. You can […]

How To Drink Starbucks Coffee For Less Than .20 Cents A Cup!

I drink a tall Starbucks coffee every single morning. Sometimes I drink two.  And I don’t even feel bad about it. Do you want to know how I drink Starbucks for less?   Once upon a time (3 years ago), I worked at a desk all day and I spent way too much money at the Starbucks […]

3 Reasons I Don’t Coupon (& How I Saved To Pay Off $81,400 In Debt)

I love to save money. There are very few money-saving tricks that I have not tried or would not be willing to try. In fact, I’ve saved so much money over the past 2 years that I was able to pay off $81,400 of debt. But couponing is one thing that I tried and quit. Let […]

A Cheap And Effective Way To Wash Produce

Psst. I have a secret money-saving tip to share. You do not need to spend money on fancy vegetable washes and sprays to clean fresh produce. Everyone knows that you should clean produce from your garden, the store or farmer’s market. But you don’t need yet another product to get the job done. Some people […]

The BEST Way To Cook Frozen Broccoli

People who hate broccoli. Listen up, this post is for you! Are you ready for the #1, all-time, best-tasting broccoli recipe? Are you ready for the very broccoli recipe that converted me into a broccoli believer?  Do you want the recipe that leaves me saying, “I could eat this instead of potato chips” every time? Okay, […]

The Ultimate Aldi Survival Guide For Beginners

Our family spends half of the money we used to on groceries. I don’t coupon. My family doesn’t price match. I definitely don’t go to multiple stores to get weekly deals. On top of that, we eat pretty healthy – fruits, vegetables, nuts and protein. So, what’s my not-so-secret secret?   Aldi! (And it’s not-so-secret […]

The Secret To Perfect Tacos…Every Time!

Does your family love tacos as much as we do? If so, I have finally found the PERFECT way to make tacos for a crowd. They are delicious, they are easy and they are oh-so-frugal. And they are baked! The secret to perfect tacos is to bake them! Keep reading to find out what I’m […]

10 Things To FREEZE To Save Money On Groceries

Do you want to know my secret weapon in fighting the good fight against food waste? My freezer. With the exception of iceberg lettuce, you can freeze almost anything. It’s life – and budget – changing to know that you don’t have to use up every smidgen of produce, dairy, bread and meat within the […]

How To Freeze Bananas & Use Them Later

Even with a successful garden, I don’t grow all the produce my family eats. (Or at least, not yet!) So I still go to the grocery store and look for fresh food deals. One item I often come across is one of my family’s favorite fruits – BANANAS. Bananas are not very expensive, but you’d have to […]