Will My House Look Cheap If I Buy Things Off Craigslist?! ( +5 Tips For Buying & Selling!)

If you’ve never bought or sold on Craigslist, this is probably what you’re thinking. Especially if you have only ever bought brand-new furniture, home decor, and appliances. Plus, the Craigslist website is not pretty or flashy. It doesn’t look like a place where you go to buy nice quality items. But the truth is, most of […]

How I Renovated My Bathroom For $100

My husband and I watched every single dollar of our shoe-string renovation budget when we bought our fixer-upper last summer. With very little money (as far as a home renovation goes!) and more than 2,700 square feet to fix, we picked several rooms to overhaul as frugally as possible. The cheapest room to update was […]

10 Cheap Or Free Home Staging Tips To Sell A Home FAST

    It’s home selling and buying season! Are you looking to move this summer? If so, I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines. I sold two homes last year so I I don’t have anything left to sell. (Right now, I’m looking to buy again!) Today, I’d love to share my top 10 cheap […]

How We Bought And Sold A Fixer Upper In 6 Months

It would be wrong of me to talk about the $81,400 worth of debt we paid off without talking about how we bought and sold a fixer upper in 6 months. Tackling the huge project of buying, renovating and selling a home not only helped us pay off the remaining $32,000 balance of our consumer […]

Before and After Photos Of Our Fixer Upper

A little over two years ago, we had $81,400 worth of consumer debt and now we are debt free! One crazy, creative way that we paid off all of our debt was by buying, and six months later selling, a fixer upper. Truth be told, we didn’t purchase the house with the intentions of flipping […]

$5 DIY Hair bow & Headband Holder

This isn’t the first DIY headband and hairbow holder frame on the internet (and it won’t be the last), but the holder I made above was so ridiculously easy and affordable to make. If you have a girl, know a girl, are a girl, or know anyone with bows, barrettes, clips or headbands – you have to […]